Text Into Picture


Text into Speech  v.

Text into speech translator software converts words into WAV file with natural speaking voices. Email reader application program speaks all type of text content like email, word, excel, plain text, RTF, eBook, PDF, HTML, WebPages,

Text into Sound  v.

Text into sound software convert readable PDF eBook, notepad, Word document, clipboard text content into the human voice in normal verbal speaks. Text to voice converter reader application reads clipboard text content in natural sounding voices.


Translate Text into Audio  v.

Translate text into audio software allows your computer to read any text aloud to you with natural speaking voices. Listen to text document files, instead of straining your eyes. A speaker menu and speed control slider is available.

Type Text Into JPG File Software

Place words onto a JPG image.

Convert text to image or multiple text files into graphics and images

Easily convert text into an image, or multiple text files into images, with this great software! Do you have a bunch of text files that you want converted to images? Perhaps you want to put some important text on a website, but don t want someone else

Better Text To Wave

Better Text to Wave/Mp3 converts your text into different audio formats (such as mp3) so you can listen instead of read. Have the PC read your emails to you while you work on your project report, get the feel of the latest proposal you have

Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter

Convert any text into audible voice. Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter reads any text aloud in many languages with one of the many voices. Read texts, documents and Web pages aloud or create audio books from texts of any size! The unique Smart Pause

Text to Speak  v.

Text to Speak program is a software to easy convert any written text (MS Word, Webpage, Text files etc) into spoken words. Software easily converts any text into spoken words.

TTSUU - Text to Speech Universal Utility  v.2.12

TTSUU (Text to Speech Universal Utility) allows you to listen to any text anywhere. It can read aloud any text to you, and can convert any text into wav and mp3 audio files with lyrics in minutes, it's a time saving software for communications.

Atom Core Text Encryptor  v.1.00.01

Atom Core Text Encryptor is a small program that can save your text into specially encrypt text.

Split Long Line Into Multiple Lines Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to split long lines of text into shorter ones, using character content such as comma, space, comma space, etc.

Text to Wav Converter  v.1.6.3

Text to Wav Converter offers a way to convert written text into sound files natural sounding voices.

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